You may be aware that St Neots TimeBank was set up to help people in need.
Covid19 has increased this need – a time when so many of us need help, to the point of even saving lives.
St Neots TimeBank is still active – we have over 200 members and we have extended help to non-member vulnerable people as well. We all need to do our bit.
TimeBankers can phone regularly to stop loneliness, shop or collect prescriptions for those in total isolation, walk the dog. TimeBank are now accepting request for any ‘no contact’ jobs requested to help people stay safe.
We are also offering this service to vulnerable non-members referred from HDC or Care Network.
This is the time that TimeBank needs to do what TimeBanking originated for – helping those in need.
Also, if you have an urgent need to visit the doctor or hospital and feel vulnerable then please also give us a call, we can probably help with this, too. No matter what the need is – please ask TimeBank. Text or Call 07590909057
and stay safe.
Georgina, Coordinator